I like to build simple apps. I will add web apps I work on to this page, with a blurb describing how I built them.

Web Apps


The website you are on. I have used it in part to teach myself web development, so it has many fun features like modularized code using JSON parsing, CSS elements, and Cookies. Can you find the secret cheat code menu?

Interactive CV

An interactive, searchable CV. Lots of fun to make! It parses JSONs that represent the metadata for each project, and uses another JSON that indexes the URLs for the cards I would like to display. As such, it is quite modularized: when I complete a new project, I simply whip up a new JSON card to add it to the display.

XML Parser

Some report frameworks ingest XML with SQL as templates for reports. Because XML's escape characters include reserved operators for SQL, I made an XML parser that can translate between XML and SQL formatting with ease to aid in development of reports.

Tulpa Town

In this web game (still under development) you are the virtual pet. Hatch from your egg, entertain a small child, try to get them to feed you nutritious milkshakes to increase your stats so you can dominate at the races.