XML Parse

Nesting SQL code inside of XML has one major drawback: a number of escaped characters in XML are important operators in SQL, namely "<",">", and "&". This means that, after downloading an XML file, one has to convert all escaped characters back to their original SQL form prior to running, and vice versa: prior to upload, one must properly escape these key words.

This application parses XML files and extracts SQL portions of the file. It then properly translates XML escapes in this SQL code into their unescaped values, allowing the code to be run immediately within SQL Management Studio. It also parses files back into their XML code, along with any new edits made to the SQL, and properly escapes them so that if code is updated within the web app, one can get XML output ready to be uploaded.

We will also display some warning messages for things that may prevent the SQL from immediately running. For example, certain variables are transcluded into the code prior to running, such as @EncryptionKey.