Interest in Absence

I would call it my poshest theme: absence, how absenting oneself operates, how we all do it and could do it better or less. It's my most favored theme. That, well, and prowling about my themes, hunting them down, or telling people at least where I go hunting. You know, I tell them that I like to think about absence, the nature of money, the magic of money, the fact that all magic is in money, and you know, my fiction talks to that, and it's very talkative. I tell people the themes I try to say in my writing. Then I don't have to do the hard work of writing; the theme is written. (Why don't we think about metagaming when we think of metafiction? A mill deck is a torturous meta-style of play in Yu-Gi-Oh where you waste and whittle all of your opponents cards until they have no options left and must simply surrender. It acknowledges that cards themselves are the most important currency in a card game, stupid, duh, and that you should then find ways to burn through those cards and mill them into the grave as quickly possible. Anything less than a monomaniac focus on milling seems an inefficiency when you get to it. And so, metafiction of merit behaves like the metagame, part, pat and parcel. It must see the frigid and essential thing, the cool and essential thing, the ironclad and elementary thing that is in writing and then focus on that entirely lest it face the fallowing that is inefficient literature. I think most writing, honestly, is about repetition and reversal, not about themes.)