On Earth

Keeping it brief: a life on earth hack: 40% of oats grown in and on the earth are fed to livestock, and as such the oat supply is relatively inelastic regardless of human needs. This forces the following: eating oats is solely a moral good when considered next to climate change. Replacing a steak with some oatmeal likely is healthier due to oats being high fiber and high protein. And, well, time isn't on the side of meat eaters: a cow must shovel down more oats in a lifetime than most human beings would, and while they produce a good amount of steak, it's just not enough to over come the moral fact that eating steak means both paying the moral burden of the cow's land use and multiple acres of oats, the methane stench of their farts pressing heat to every earthly body, whereas eating oats provides the same benefit but with only a polite acreage in comparison. Again, no matter what you do, morally, you are eating oats, so might as well simplify that moral equation. Besides, processed meats, unlike fibrous oats, leave lumps in your colon. Morally, you deserve better.