Every Thursday a New Pokemon Team: ScraftRoom

Proposal: A moneyball perspective to Pokemon is that each Pokemon must take out at least 1 Pokemon, but more importantly, they must take out at least 1 risk-adjusted Pokemon. Taking out a Beautifly that is used as a pivot and keen-eyes sleep cheeser is one thing: taking out an opponent's Mega Tyranitar is another. ScraftPass focuses on making the first two Pokemon on your team take out at least 1-4 Pokemon, with a method that lures out progressively stronger Pokemon and topples them. It is aimed to deplete the team not of pivots but of substantial fighters. This then leaves my back row to cheese stall out the next 2-4 Pokemon. Bronzong, Ability Levitate, Focus Sash, Slow and Offensive Nature Trick Room Explosion Gyro Ball Zen Headbutt Designed to establish a trick room and to lure out a number of important offensive types. The set works well for a few reasons. The idea behind the set is to either use trick room to sweep with Bronzong, who sadly has a few too many counters to deal with. One: If the opponent has fast or bulky ghosts, and particularly leads with one, the Bronzong would lure it out, which will make the Bronzong take Trick Room opn the first turn, survive with focus sash, and then lead with a chip. After this, 4 more turns of trick room would remain. Two: If a fire type or dark type comes along, it can use explosion to hopefully kamikaze. Both of these types are also well handled by Scrafty. Three: If it gets cheesed, I can just wait for it to get out. Scrafty, Moxie, Iron Ball, Trick Room Sweeper Scrafty can counter a lot of strong Pokemon as a Moxie sweeper. It is outfitted to handle most threats for Bronzong. It also has just enough bulk to get free heals from drain punch. Since a